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PX7 IPX8 Water Immersion Tank

IPx7 IPx8 water immersion tank is used for water immersion testing of specimen under IPx7 and IPx8 ratings.

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Specification For PX7 IPX8 Water Immersion Tank

IPx7 IPx8 immersion tank built with a water re-circulation system that reduced water use and a series of water pipes. Automatic water supply ensures adequate supply of water and automatic testing.


Internal Dimension (mm)Diameter 600mm * Height 1500 mm
Overall Dimension (mm)Diameter 800mm * Height 1800 mm
Pressure50m water depth pressure
Open modePneumatic lid
MaterialA3 steel plate, wall thickness 15mm
ControllerProgrammable color LCD touch screen controller, Ethernet connection
Water Supply SystemStorage water tank, Automatic water supply

Fixing Device For Safety
The tank is of cylindrical design, and the bottom must be supported by a tripod. Designed a Z-shaped foot with three M8 holes, which has good grip and requires user to fix the equipment with screws to ensure safety.
Sample Holder
We have designed a height-adjustable sample holder to prevent the sample from floating during the immersion test.
Pressure Limiting Protection
An independent pressure limiting device is specially designed to ensure effective control of the pressure in the tank.
Customize PX7 IPX8 Water Immersion Tank

You can select your chamber from the size, performance, configuration, language and so much more. Please contact us for further information.

The size, volumes, workroom structures and special sample holders can be customized.
Build a IP Lab
Build a new IP laboratory for you according to your requirements.
Combined Test
One chamber combined the conditions of IPx1, IPx2, IPx3, IPx4, IPx5, IPx6, IPx6K.
Accept CSA certification, or ISO17025 calibration, TUV inspection and other third-party inspection.

Quality of PX7 IPX8 Water Immersion Tank
We deeply realized that quality is the first and most. We control quality from every aspect of raw material, production and inspection.
  • CE, RoHS Mark
  • Standard and Custom Chambers
  • In Stock and Ready to Ship
  • LIB™ Reliable Manufacturer

Service of PX7 IPX8 Water Immersion Tank
Our comprehensive service supports for customers in purchasing and operation of test chambers timely and effectively.
  • 36 months Long Warranty
  • Lifelong Follow-up Services
  • 20- years Product life
  • Turn-Key Service
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