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Basic Salt Spray Test Chamber

LIB basic salt spray chambers meet the requirements of basic and continuous salt spray tests, such as ASTM B117, ISO 9227 and similar international test standards, and can perform NSS, ASS and CASS test.

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Specification For Basic Salt Spray Test Chamber

Provide a large selection of salt spray chambers to accommodate various types of product testing. Capacity available in 108L, 320L, 410L, 780L, 1000L, 1600L and more. More than 16 different models allow you to choose the size and performance best suited for your test application.


Internal dimensions (mm)590*470*4001000*640*5001100*750*5001000*1300*600900*1600*7201000*2000*800
Overall dimensions (mm)1460*760*11401850*960*13501950*1030*13502000×1300×16002300×1300×17002700×1300×1900
Interior Volume (L)11032041078010301600
Temperature RangeAmbient  +60 
Temperature Fluctuation± 0.5 
Temperature Deviation± 2.0 
 Humidity Range95% ~ 98% RH
Salt Fog Deposition12ml / 80cm2 · h
Spray TypeContinuous / Periodic
Salt Fog CollectedFog collector and fog measure cylinder
Air PreheatingSaturated air barrel 
Spraying SystemAtomizer tower and Spray nozzles
ControllerPID controller
Safety DeviceHumidifier Dry-combustion Protection; Over-temperature Protection; Over-current Protection; Water Shortage Protection; Earth leakage Protection
MaterialGlass fiber reinforced plastics
Standard Configuration6 round bars and 5 V-shaped grooves

Corrosion-resistant and Long-life Materials
Material is glass fiber reinforced plastics which has strong corrosion resistance, one-time forming, reinforced design, long service life and high temperature resistance.
Salt Solution Mixing System
A salt water stirring system is installed in the salt water tank, which can not only stir the salt water to maintain uniformity, but also heat the salt water to stabilize the pH value.
Environmentally Friendly Heat Insulation Treatment
The insulation layer at the bottom of the test chamber is made of clay board, which can efficiently heat insulation and is environmentally friendly.
Customize Basic Salt Spray Test Chamber

You can select your chamber from the size, performance, configuration, language and so much more. Please contact us for further information.

Choose the suitable chamber complied with testing standards ISO, ASTM, SAE, AATCC, IEC and more.
You can select your chamber from the door, controller, language and so much more.
The size, volumes, workroom structures and special sample holders can be customized.
Combined Test
Provide temperature, climate, vibration, corrosion, altitude, pressure combined test.
Accept CSA certification, or ISO17025 calibration, TUV inspection and other third-party inspection.

Quality of Basic Salt Spray Test Chamber
We deeply realized that quality is the first and most. We control quality from every aspect of raw material, production and inspection.
  • CE, RoHS Mark
  • Standard and Custom Chambers
  • In Stock and Ready to Ship
  • LIB™ Reliable Manufacturer

Service of Basic Salt Spray Test Chamber
Our comprehensive service supports for customers in purchasing and operation of test chambers timely and effectively.
  • 36 months Long Warranty
  • Lifelong Follow-up Services
  • 20- years Product life
  • Turn-Key Service
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