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SO2 Noxious Gas Test Chamber

SO2 Noxious Gas Test Chambers reproduce damages by temperature, relative humidity and noxious gas Corrosion to material, components and constructions.This noxious gas chamber can be used for single gas tests and mixed gas tests methods in accordance with IEC 60068-2-42, IEC60068-2-60 and other standards.

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Specification For SO2 Noxious Gas Test Chamber

All models of SO2 test chamber are upgrade to programmable controller and Ethernet access that provides simple operation and control. SO2 corrosion chambers are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.


Internal Dimensions (mm)400*500*500500*600*750700*800*900800*1000*10001000*1000*1000
Overall Dimensions (mm)860*1050*1620960*1150*18601180*1350*20101280*1550*21101500*1550*2110
Interior Volume (L)1002255008001000
Temperature Range15 ℃  80 ℃
Temperature Fluctuation± 0.5 ℃
Temperature Deviation± 2.0 ℃
Humidity Range30% ~ 98% RH
Humidity Deviation±1% RH
SO2 Concentration25±5 ppm
Air Change Rate3~5 /h
Cooling systemMechanical compression refrigeration system
HumidifierExternal isolation, stainless steel surface evaporation humidifier
Water Supply SystemWater purification system, Automatic water supply
ControllerProgrammable color LCD touch screen controller
Ethernet connection, PC Link
Gas SensorSO2 gas sensor
Air CirculationCentrifugal wind fan
Door LockElectromagnetic lock
Gas Exhaust DeviceSO2 Exhaust Unit
Safety DeviceHumidifier Dry-combustion Protection; Over-temperature Protection; Over-current Protection;
Water Shortage Protection; Earth leakage Protection
Interior materialSUS304 stainless steel +Glass fiber reinforced plastics
Exterior materialSteel Plate with protective coating

Anti-corrosion Treatment Of Workroom Material
A layer of glass fiber reinforced plastic is attached to the stainless steel surface of the workroom, which not only prevents corrosion and enhances the robustness.
Safety Performance
The SO2 exhaust device is equipped with an NAOH solution tank to dilutes SO2 to make workplace clean and safe.
Multi-language Controller Display
Multi-language Controller Display
Multiple languages can be selected, English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Romanian.
Customize SO2 Noxious Gas Test Chamber

You can select your chamber from the size, performance, configuration, language and so much more. Please contact us for further information.

The temperature range, humidity range, temperature change rate and other performance can be selected.
The size, volumes, workroom structures can be customized.
Combined Test
Provide temperature, climate, vibration, corrosion, altitude, pressure combined test.
Build a Lab
Build a new environmental test laboratory for you according to your requirements.
Accept CSA certification, or ISO17025 calibration, TUV inspection and other third-party inspection.

Quality of SO2 Noxious Gas Test Chamber
We deeply realized that quality is the first and most. We control quality from every aspect of raw material, production and inspection.
  • CE, RoHS Mark
  • Standard and Custom Chambers
  • In Stock and Ready to Ship
  • LIB™ Reliable Manufacturer

Service of SO2 Noxious Gas Test Chamber
Our comprehensive service supports for customers in purchasing and operation of test chambers timely and effectively.
  • 36 months Long Warranty
  • Lifelong Follow-up Services
  • 20- years Product life
  • Turn-Key Service
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