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Environmental Test Chambers for Automobile


What is environmental test for automobile?

Automobile environmental test is an inspection to determine the technical performance or working capacity of the car. During the use of the car, with the increasing of the use time (or the extension of driving mileage), its components are gradually worn, corroded, deformed, aging, and the lubricating oil deteriorates, resulting in a larger gap between the mating pairs, causing loose movement, vibration, sound and air leakage, water leakage, oil leakage, etc., so that there will be a decline in the technical performance of the car.


At LIB INDUSTRY, we believe that "if it's not tested, it doesn't work." Our automotive test chambers are designed to achieve this by ensuring that the device under test meets or exceeds all performance requirements, adheres to safety certifications, and successfully passes benchmarks such as software regression testing, to validate the next breakthrough and drive innovation.

Automobile environmental test is focus on quality and safety. The car will be tested under various conditions such as dustrain and high or low temperature, or high altitude. Whether in quality inspection institution or in your own factory, the testing is a must. Nowadays, automotive components and functional tests are carried out in different locations around the world.

Why is environmental test for automobile so important?

With the improvement of people's daily life and income level, cars have become a member of our family and we almost need it every day. On a far-trip or when we go to work. We all know that any product must go through the acceptance of the quality inspector before leaving the factory, and only after being signed with a qualified label can it be officially launched on the market as a qualified product. The same is true for cars. At the end of the manufacturer's assembly line, there will be a special quality inspector for quality and other aspects of acceptance. Once the car meets the specified standards, it will be allowed to leave the factory and go to market.


In the process of automobile research and development, in order to ensure the technical characteristics, reliability, durability and environmental adaptability of the car, a large number of tests need to be done. Since cars are used in different roads, geographies and climates, their performance, efficiency, reliability and durability cannot just be calculated only, but must be confirmed by tests. Therefore, people usually test automobiles or their parts, materials, etc. in actual use environments, in special test sites or on indoor test benches, according to predetermined procedures. 

Automotive environmental test has many benefits, including: 


Global market access requires automotive components to be tested and compliant in accordance with relevant global regulations to ensure overall safety. 

Early detection of failures: 

Automotive components testing helps to detect defects during the development phase, avoiding costly product recalls and saving you money. 

Enhanced safety technology development: 

Automotive testing is indispensable for new automated mobility technologies to ensure safety from the early stages of development to practical use. 

Ensure product safety: 

Products are carefully evaluated for a variety of vehicle components and systems tested to ensure maximum safety for customers.Enhance brand reputation: 

Product testing identifies defects and enhances your reputation as a quality supplier. 


Which environmental tests do we need for an automobile ? 

A car is a complex mechanical system consisting of tens of thousands of parts. Auto parts testing can help car manufacturers and parts manufacturers quickly improve the performance of parts and meet customers’ high requirements for product quality and safety. The environmental test tests products in a range of environments from hot to cold, from humidity to stress, to determine how well a product will withstand different environments. 

The test chamber is the general term for products in the environmental test industry. It simulates the natural climate environment within the effective space. 

LIB INDUSTRYhas extensive experience in producing environmental test chambers and uses the most advanced testing and equipment for product performance testing. The environmental test chamber can hold objects as big as a room (walk-in test chamber) and has a temperature range of -70ºC to +150ºC with a rate of change of up to 3ºC per minute. Our test chambers can control humidity between 20% and 98%. Too high or too low temperature will affect the performance and reliability of components, assemblies and systems. The extreme temperature encountered by the electronic system of the car is the most worrying thing in the industry. Temperature, humidity and other climatic changes can affect the performance or even cause failure of electronic products and components. Environmental testing simulates the environment and ensures that the product will function normally in the intended use environment. The followings are the tests needed for an mobile.

1.Corrosion Test

The main material of the car is composed of metal materials, such as steel and aluminum, which will gradually corrode during use, and it will not only affect the appearance of the decoration, but also affect the function and safety of the product. Cyclic corrosion testing is a more realistic salt spray test than traditional constant state exposure, because actual outdoor exposure usually includes both wet and dry environments, and we make laboratory accelerated testing meaningful by simulating these natural, periodic conditions. The salt spray test chamber is suitable for salt spray corrosion tests of parts, electronic components, protective layers of metal materials and industrial products.


Internal dimensions (mm)470*590*400640*1000*500750*1100*500
Overall dimensions (mm)620*1400*1050810*1800*1180920*1900*1200
Interior Volume (L)110320410
Temperature RangeAmbient  +60 
Temperature Fluctuation± 0.5 
Temperature Deviation± 2.0 
 Humidity Range95% ~ 98% RH
Salt Fog Deposition12ml / 80cm2 · h
Spray TypeContinuous / Periodic

2.Temperature Humidity Vibration Test

Temperature is an important test condition for automobile reliability testing. The three comprehensive test chambers expose products to natural or artificial environmental conditions, and test the performance of various parts of the automobile under actual use, transportation and storage environmental conditions, verifying that automotive components meet expected quality targets. The impact of humidity on auto parts cannot be ignored. A car is a collection of tens of thousands of parts, and most electronic parts need to be stored in dry conditions. work and storage. The metal parts of the car will accelerate corrosion and reduce the service life in a humid environment, so the three comprehensive test chamber can detect the humidity range that the electronic parts can withstand in advance. In automobile production, limiting the vibration effect of related parts of automobile products or providing anti-seismic performance has become the key to assessing the quality of automobiles.


Temperature Range-50  +150 
Temperature Fluctuation± 0.5 
Temperature Deviation± 2.0 
 Humidity Range30% ~ 98% RH
 Humidity Deviation± 2.5% RH
Cooling Rate5  / min
Heating Rate5  / min

3.Thermal Shock Test

High and low temperature impact test is mainly suitable for the climatic and environmental change performance test of electronic components, communication products and auto parts, and provides environmental reliability test and product screening test. At the same time, by carrying out high and low temperature impact tests, the reliability of products can be improved and product quality can be controlled.


Pre-heat RoomUpper limit Temperature+220
Heating TimeAmbient ~ + 200, within 30 minutes
Pre-cool RoomLower limit Temperature-75
Cooling timeAmbient ~ -70, within 30 minutes
Test RoomHigh Temperature  Exposure RangeAmbient +20 ~ +200°C
Low temperature Exposure Range–65 ~ -5°C

4.IP Ingress Test

To test the dust proof grade, water proof grade and service life of the products, by simulating natural sand and rain environment. The chambers include IP5X IP6X Sand and Dust IP Test Chamber, Water Spray Test Chamber. Sand and dust test chamber is suitable for dust and dust resistance test of various auto parts, including lights, instruments, electrical dust jackets, steering systems, door locks, etc.


Workroom dimension (mm)800*800*800   D*W*H
External dimension (mm)950*3150*1800  D*W*H
Interior Volume (L)510
Diameter of Turntable (mm)600
Turntable loads20kgs Max
Turntable Rotation Speed0~7r/min (Adjustable)
Internal Diameter of IPX5 Nozzle6.3mm
Internal Diameter of IPX6 Nozzle12.5mm
Water Flow Rate IPX5/ IPX612.5L/min ±5% / 100L/min ±5%

5.Accelerate weathering test

To simulate the sunlight spectrum to reproduce destructive light waves in different environments and provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated testing for scientific research, product development and quality control. Accelerated weathering test chambers reproduce weathering damage by sunlight, temperature, humidity and water spray. They are used to test types of damages include color change, gloss loss, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, strength loss and oxidation. LIB xenon arc chamber and UV test chamber are available for testing.


Irradiance Range35~150 W/
Bandwidth Measurement300nm~400nm (340nm or 420nm)
Chamber Temperature RangeAmbient  100  ±2
Black Panel TemperatureBPT 35  85  ±2
 Humidity Range50% ~ 98% RH
 Humidity Deviation± 5% RH
Water Spray Cycle1~9999H59M  (Adjustable)

LIB test chambers

With over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, LIB INDUSTRY provides excellent services to automotive system and component suppliers with the testing and certification they need to enter global markets .

Many major suppliers of automobiles, automotive systems and components rely on LIB INDUSTRY as their trusted partner to ensure the overall safety and performance of their products. We provide a lot of test chambers and Turn-key solutions to assess whether automotive systems and components meet industry standards and regulatory requirements in almost every major market in the world. We have relevant experts and service center around the world to provide local support for your automotive needs. 

What kind of environmental test do you need for you automobile? please contact us now.

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