Have You Heard of the Temperature Simulation Test Chamber?

Have you heard of the temperature simulation test chamber?

Temperature simulation environment test chamber scientific name “high and low temperature test chamber” refers to a test chamber in the simulated natural environment, mainly to test whether the product is resistant to high and low temperature, is an essential test equipment for aviation, automotive, home appliances, scientific research, etc. Test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic and other products and materials after high temperature, low temperature, or constant test temperature environment changes.

Basic Information

Name Temperature and Humidity test chamber Cooling rate 1℃/min
Heating rate 3℃/min Time setting range 1~9999 hours

Cooling Method

Circulating airway design

Adopts French original “Tecumsek”,fully enclosed compressor.

The multi-wing blower is used to provide a strong air circulation to avoid any dead angle and to evenly distribute the temperature in the test area.

The design of the circulating air, the wind pressure and the wind speed are in line with the test standard, and the temperature can be quickly recovered when the door is opened.

Heating, cooling, and complete system independence can increase efficiency, reduce test costs, increase life, and reduce failure rates.

Technical Parameters

Temperature range:A:-20℃~150℃ B:-40℃~150℃ C:-60℃~150℃ D:-80℃~150℃

Temperature deviation:±2℃

Service conditions

1.Power supply condition

Power requirement:AC380V±10% 50±0.5HZ Three-phase-five-wire system of power distribution

2.Environmental condition

Environment temperature:5℃~+30℃(Average temperature within 24 hours≤30℃)、Environment humidity:≤85%RH

Product Application

This series of products is suitable for aerospace products, information electronic instrumentation, materials, electrical, electronic products, various electronic components in high and low temperature or hot and humid conditions, to test their performance indicators.

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