Low Temperature Cycle Test Chambers (Temperature-only)

Over 29 different models let you choose size, configuration and performance to suit many types of environmental test conditions. Temperature change rates from 1 to 15°C/min.Low temperature available: A: -20℃, B: -40℃, C: -70℃ , D: -86℃.E:-200℃( liquid nitrogen refrigeration.

Included are ultra low temperature test chamber, fast temperature change rate chambers (15℃/min) and liquid nitrogen refrigeration test chamber.

To perform cold resistance test, thermal cycling test, ultra low temperature test, high temperature test, storage condition, and calibration function.


Wide temperature ranges and volume selection

Reliable performance

Temperature control and display unit

Programmable color LCD touch screen controller

Multi-language interface

USB and Ethernet

Mechanical compression refrigeration system

Casters, shelf, and cable port are standard

Adjustable and removable sample shelves

Safety protection system

CE mark, ISO17025 calibration

 Models Compare
Product Models
Model Internal Dimension (mm) Overall Dimension (mm) Temperature Range (℃) Cooling Rate Detail...
T-100 400*500*500860*1050*1620A: -20℃ ~+150 ℃ B:-40℃ ~+150 ℃ C:-70℃ ~+150 ℃1 ℃ / min
T-225 500*600*750960*1150*1860A: -20℃ ~+150 ℃ B:-40℃ ~+150 ℃ C:-70℃ ~+150 ℃1 ℃ / min
T-500 700*800*9001180*1350*2010A: -20℃ ~+150 ℃ B:-40℃ ~+150 ℃ C:-70℃ ~+150 ℃1 ℃ / min
T-1000 1000*1000*10001550*1550*2110A: -20℃ ~+150 ℃ B:-40℃ ~+150 ℃ C:-70℃ ~+150 ℃1 ℃ / min
TK10-100 400*500*500860*1050*1620-40℃ ~+150 ℃ 10℃/min (15℃/min)
TK10-220 500*600*750960*1150*1860-70℃ ~+150 ℃ 10℃/min (15℃/min)

Low temperature to -86℃; High temperature to +180℃.

Product Accessories
Number Name Picture Description
No.1 Refrigerant Refrigerant R404A (5KG/tank) Brand: DuPont
No.2 Refrigerant Refrigerant R23 (10KG/tank) Brand: DuPont
No.3 Adding Refrigerant Kits-Tool Adding Refrigerant Kits-Tool Material: PU Included pressure gauge and connection hose (Reusable)
No.4 Temperature heater Temperature heater Description: Nichrome heater Power:2000W, and more
No.5 Capacitive temperature sensor Brand:VAISALA Model:HMA6070 Temperature Accuracy:0.01℃ Humidity Accuracy: 1.3% Solution ratio:0.05%
No.6 Silicone screw plug for cable hole Silicone screw plug for cable hole

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