JIS D 0203 Rain and Spray Test Chamber for Automobile Parts

This equipment is formulated in accordance with JIS D 0203 standard to test the waterproof performance of the product, equipped with automatic water inlet and water circulation device, effectively saving money. Corresponding test chambers are prepared according to different test requirements. The multi-function controller is easy to operate, one-key controls the test requirements parameters, and can be connected to the PC terminal remotely to facilitate the download and use of test data. It’s mainly applied to automobile industry.

Perform rain level test and calibration test.


For R1 R2 rain test and S1 S2 spray Test

Water Pressure Control with flow meter

Meet JIS D 0203 test standard

Automatic water and Water Re-circulation System

Water tank, booster pump device

304 stainless steel material

Programmable color display touch screen controller

USB and Ethernet connection

Double layer insulating glass with wiper observation window

Standard and customized

CE ROHS mark

Multi-language interface

Safety protection system

3 years warranty

Local agent for sales service


 Models Compare
Product Models
Model Internal Dimension (mm) Overall Dimension (mm) Water Pressure Control Distance from Specimen to Nozzle Detail...
R-1000JIS 1000*1000*10001100*1460*1900Flow meterApprox.400mm

Product Accessories
Number Name Picture Description
No1 Flow Pipe Flow pipe is made of stainless steel. Flow pipe shall be rotated around the axis X-S at the rate of approximately 23r/min.

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