IPX7 IPX8 Water Immersion Tank

IPX7 X8 water immersion tank is used to test to test the water tightness of enclosures of automotive parts, outdoor lamps and electronics parts.

IPX7 IPX8 immersion chamber built with a water re-circulation system that reduced water use and a series of water pipes. Automatic water supply ensures adequate supply of water and automatic testing.

IPX7 and IPX8 functions on one test chamber,make testing convenient and cost-effective.



IPX7 and IPX8 functions on one test chamber

Simulate 50m water depth pressure

Protection against water immersion test

Eliminates water consumption by circulation unit

Automatic water supply

Programmable color display touch screen controller

Safety protection system

CE mark, ISO17025 calibration

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Product Models
Model Internal Dimension(mm) Overall Dimension (mm) Pressure Open Mode Detail...
R78-600 Diameter 600mm * Height 1500 mmDiameter 800mm * Height 1800 mm50m water depth pressurePneumatic lid

Product Accessories
Number Name Picture Description
No.1 Air Compressor Air Compressor for pneumatic open lid

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