IPX5 IPX6 Water Jetting Test Chamber

IPX5 IPX6 Water Jetting Test Chamber is applied to test the watertightness of enclosures of automotive parts, outdoor lamps and electronics parts.

The chambers built with the water tightness of sealed components such as head lamp, Power connector. Waterproof power connector in the test room can easily supply electricity to the specimens.

IPX5 and IPX6 functions on one test chamber,make testing convenient and cost-effective.



Capacity of 1000 liters and can be customized

Test methods included IPX5 IPX6 protection code

Water flow rate 12.5L/min for IPX5, 100L/ for IPX6

Control and adjust water flow

Waterproof power connector in the test room

Automatic water supply

Programmable color display touch screen controller

USB and Ethernet

A viewing window with wiper

Internal illumination in test room

Safety protection system

CE mark, ISO17025 calibration

 Models Compare
Product Models
Model Workroom Dimension (mm) External Dimension (mm) Diameter of Turntable (mm) Water Flow Rate Detail...
R56-800C 800*800*800950*3150*1800600IPX5: 12.5L/min ±5% ; IPX6: 100L/min ±5%

Product Accessories
Number Name Picture Description
No.1 IPX5 IPX6 Spray Nozzle IPX5 IPX6 Spray Nozzle IEC 60259 standard

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