Cryogenic Chamber

This cryogenic chamber uses a mechanical compressor to cool to -120℃, which replaces the traditional liquid nitrogen cooling method. The test chamber sizes are 100L, 225L, 500L, 800L, 1000L for choose. The temperature test range is-120 ℃ to 150℃. It can be applied to various field for test by simulating extreme natural environments, to detect product substitution and performance stability.

Mainly used in aerospace, military, electronic component testing and other high-precision fields, as well as high-end processing industry quenching process.


The lowest temperature can reach to -120 ℃

Various sizes to choose

Mainly used in aerospace, military, electronic component testing and other high-precision fields

Mechanical compression refrigeration cooling system

Cascade compressor refrigerating unit

Programmable color LCD touch screen controller

Safety protection system

Adjustable and removable sample shelves

CE ROHS mark

Standard and customized

Provide one-stop solution

 Models Compare
Product Models
Model Internal size(mm) External size(mm) Temperature Range Heating Rate Detail...
CF-100 400*500*600860*1050*1620-120℃ ~ +150℃3 ℃ / min
CF-225 500*600*750960*1150*1860-120℃ ~ +150℃3 ℃ / min
CF-500 700*800*9001180*1350*2010-120℃ ~ +150℃3 ℃ / min
CF-800 800*1000*10001280*1550*2110-120℃ ~ +150℃3 ℃ / min
CF-1000 1000*1000*10001500*1550*2110-120℃ ~ +150℃3 ℃ / min

Product Accessories
Number Name Picture Description
No1 Temperature sensor PT-100 Class A sensor, real-time accurate detection and display of temperature changes at 0.001 degrees.
No2 Silicone screw plug for cable hole Silicone screw plug for cable hole
No3 Refrigerant Refrigerant R404A (5KG/tank) Brand: DuPont
No4 Adding Refrigerant Kits-Tool Adding Refrigerant Kits-Tool Material: PU Included pressure gauge and connection hose (Reusable
No5 Temperature heater Temperature heater Description: Nichrome heater Power:2000W, and more

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