IPX9K Test Chambers
  • IPX9K Test Chambers
  • IPX9K Test Chambers
  • IPX9K Test Chambers

IPX9K Test Chambers

Protection against water from high pressure steam jet cleaners. High pressure and temperature water is jetted at an enclosure to test for ingress protection. IPX9K testing is the highest level of water ingress testing per the IP Code system.
Standard: IEC20653, DIN 40050-9, USCAR-2; GMW-3191
Standard and custom
Easy Operation

  • Protection against high pressure water jetting test

  • IPX9k tests can be performed

  • Programmable color display touch screen controller

  • Ethernet and USB

  • Automatic water supply

  • Large viewing window with wiper

  • Test chamber internal illumination

  • Safety protection


IPX9k High Pressure Tester

Internal dimensions (mm)

1000*1200*1000 D*W*H

Overall dimensions (mm)

1250* 1700* 2050 D*W*H


1200 L

Water Spray Temperature

ambient ~ 88℃ (Adjustable)

Water Spray Angle


Spray Nozzle

Four, 30 seconds each position

Spray Range

30° ± 5°(Single hole);   Space 100-150mm

Distance from water spraying to specimens


Water Pressure

8000-10000 Kpa (adjustable)

Water Flow Rate


Testing Platform Speed

5 ±1 r.p.m

Test Platform height

200-450mm, adjustable

Test Platform diameters





Programmable color LCD touch screen controller

Pressure meter Alarm function

Power protection, timing (to be automatic stop), water protection, motor overheating protection, 

water temperature overheating automatic drainage, water function


Nichrome heater

Interior material

SUS304 stainless steel

Exterior material

Steel Plate with protective coating


ISO 20653, DIN 40050-9, USCAR-2; GMW-3191