2-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber (Elevator Type)

LIB 2-zone hot cold thermal shock test chamber is available in small capacity and large capacity to meet different testing requirements. The specimen automatic transferred from cold chamber to hot chamber by basket.The basket slides vertically and smoothly through rails, to make the specimen is exposed to the two chambers.

Thermal shock test chamber has upgraded to touch-screen controller with Ethernet, you are easy to operate over network.


Smooth sample elevator transfer between cold chamber to hot chambers

Temperature recovery time less than 15 minutes

Programmable color LCD touch screen controller

Mechanical compression refrigeration system

Casters, shelf, and cable port are standard

Lamp inside of chamber

Ethernet and USB(option)

Large viewing window

Adjustable and removable sample shelves

Safety protection system

CE mark, ISO17025 calibration

 Models Compare
Product Models
Model Inner Dimensions of Test Room(mm) Overall Dimensions(mm) Temperature Range Load of Test Room Detail...
TS-162 300*300*250 D*W*H1560*870*1545 D*W*H-65℃ to +200℃ 20 kg
TS-340 450*450*360 D*W*H1710*1020*1845 D*W*H-65℃ to +200℃ 30 kg
TS-500 650*650*500 D*W*H1910*1220*2265 D*W*H-65℃ to +200℃ 50 kg
TS-1000 850*850*700 D*W*H2110*1420*2665 D*W*H-65℃ to +200℃ 60 kg

Product Accessories
Number Name Picture Description
No.1 Refrigerant Refrigerant R404A (5KG/tank) Brand: DuPont
No.2 Refrigerant Refrigerant R23 (10KG/tank) Brand: DuPont
No.3 Adding Refrigerant Kits-Tool Adding Refrigerant Kits-Tool Material: PU Included pressure gauge and connection hose (Reusable)
No.4 Temperature heater Temperature heater Description: Nichrome heater Power:2000W, and more
No.5 Capacitive temperature sensor Brand:VAISALA Model:HMA6070 Temperature Accuracy:0.01℃ Humidity Accuracy: 1.3% Solution ratio:0.05%
No.6 Silicone screw plug for cable hole Silicone screw plug for cable hole
No.7 Air Compressor Pressure:8KG Air storage tank: 80L (for TS-162, TS-340)

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