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IP68 Water and Dust Test

September 16,2023

What is IP68 Testing?

The IP68 rating is an internationally recognized standard that determines the level of protection provided by an electronic device against water and dust intrusion. The first digit, 6, signifies the device's resistance to dust, while the second digit, 8, represents its ability to withstand water immersion. Let's dive deeper into what the IP68 water and dust test entails.

IP68 Water Test:

The IP68 water test is conducted to simulate real-life scenarios where the device might come into contact with water. The test chamber is designed to create conditions such as rain, splashes, or even submersion in water. The device is placed inside the chamber and subjected to varying water pressures and durations to assess its resistance. The IP68 rating ensures that the device can withstand water immersion up to a specific depth for a defined period.

The water test is conducted to determine the device's resistance to water immersion. The device is placed in a tank of water and submerged to a specified depth for a specific period. The water pressure and duration of immersion vary depending on the IP rating being tested. A device with an IP68 rating should be able to withstand being submerged in water up to a certain depth for a certain period without any water seeping into its internal components.

IP68 Dust Test:

The dust test involves exposing the device to different types of dust particles. The device is placed in a chamber where fine dust particles are blown onto it for a specified duration. The test assesses the device's ability to prevent dust from entering its internal components. A device with an IP68 rating should be able to withstand exposure to dust and continue functioning without any issues.

LIB IP68 Test Chambers:

LIB IP68 Test Chambers are as following

01 IP6X dust chamber
Model DI-1000
Internal Dimension  1000x1000x1000 mm
Overall Dimension (mm) 1240x1450x1960 mm
Interior Volume  800L
Temp. Range Ambient ~ +50℃
Humidity Range
Normal Wire Diameter 50um
Nominal Width of a Gap Between wires 75um
Specimen Power Outlet Dust-proof socket 16A
Vacuum System Equipped with a pressure gauge, air filter, pressure regulator, connecting tube
Standard Configuration Sample shelf, dust wiper, talcum powder(5kgs)
02 IPX8 Test Tank
Model R78-1000
Useful volume Diameter 1000mm, Height 1500mm. 
Material Material is steel plate, wall thickness 2cm
Water depth Water depth pressure range 1~100m, adjustable
Water supply Automatic water supply
Controller Programmable color touch screen type controller, display temperature, specimen surface temperature, water depth, run time.
Open/close Open/close lid by pneumatic lift, with safety lock.

LIB IP68 water and dust test chambers are essential for ensuring that electronic devices are reliable and can withstand dust and water environmental conditions. Contact us to get more specifications and quote.

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