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IP Water Test for Motor Vehicle

April 14,2023

In industrial production, especially products that can be used outdoors such as electronic appliances, there will be different levels of dust proof and waterproof requirements for equipment. The protection level (IP code/dust proof and waterproof) of automation instrument equipment is an important indicator to ensure the normal operation of equipment and ensure product safety and reliability. Then, when selecting and using instrument, we should pay special attention to the protection level of instrumentation, which is of great significance for correct product selection and product installation and use. Below, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of IP water ingress protection level for you in detail.

Learn Something About IP Ingress Protection Ratings

IP (international protection) level and waterproof test standard is an international protection and waterproof test standard drafted by the IEC(international electrotechnical commission).

International Electrotechnical Commission standards IEC 60529–60598

Currently LIB test chambers can perform all these tests.

Its protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number indicates the level of electrical appliances from dust, to prevent the invasion of foreign objects. The second number indicates the degree of tightness of electrical appliances against moisture and waterproof intrusion. The larger number indicates that its protection level is higher.

IP Testing Required for IEC 60529 Rating
Dust (First Number)Moisture (Second Number)
IP Ox - No ProtectionIP x0 - No Protection
IP 1x - Objects > 50mmIP x1 - Protected Against Vertically Dripping water
IP 2x - Objects > 12mmIP x2 - Protected Against Dripping water (15°tilted)
IP 3x - Objects > 2.5mmIP x3 - Protected Against Sprayed water
IP 4x - Objects > 1mmIP x4 - Protected Against Splashed water
IP 5x - Dust Protected (Vacuum)IP x5 - Protected Against water jets
IP 5x - Dust Protected (Non-Vacuum)IP x6 - Protected Against Powerful water Jets
IP 6x - Dust TightIP x7 - Protected Against Effects of Temporary lmmersion

IP x8 - Protected Against Continuous Immersion

IP x9 - Protected Against water with High Pressure/ Steam Jet Cleaning

IP protection level cases

1. Home appliances are generally IP20. If there is no special requirement, IPX0 is usually market. The X in IPX0 indicates that the first one is not considered.

2. General indoor lamps are IP20; Dust resistance is level 2 (to prevent the entry of objects up to 12 mm) and is not waterproof.

3. Outdoor lamps are generally IP44. To prevent objects larger than 1 mm from entering and sprayed water from entering.

4. IP54 for indoor spaces with large moisture and dust, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and canopies.

5. IP65 for outdoor floodlighting.

6. IP67 for buried lamps, while ensuring good water dispersion in the soil at the bottom of the lamps.

7. Underwater decorative lamps IP68.

The protection level commonly used in electronic communication products are

IP 57 (This requires dust proof and short-term immersion in water will not be affected),

IP 65 (This requires dust proof and splash-proof),

IP 67 (This requires dust proof and short-term immersion in water will not be affected).

Whether IP 65 or IP 67 is used depends on the application and the different test standards. IP 67 is not always better than IP 65. Components that meet the IP 67 standard do not necessarily meet the IP 65 standard.


IP Water Test for Motor Vehicle

In the testing of auto parts and other products, the IP code waterproof test is used to verify the tightness of the product and provide the reliability basis for product quality. The most demanding waterproof test level in ISO16750, DIN40050, ISO20653 series is IPX9K, including the domestic automotive industry standard QC/T417.1-2001 automotive wire harness plug-in test.

The following mainly introduces IPX4 and IPX9K.


a. Pendulum tube splash water test

Test equipment and specimen placement:

Select the pendulum tube of the appropriate radius, so that the height of the sample table is in the position of the diameter of the pendulum tube, and place the specimen on the sample stage so that the distance from the top to the sample nozzle is not more than 200mm, and the sample stage does not rotate.

Test conditions:

The water flow rate is calculated according to the number of water spray holes of the pendulum pipe, and each hole is 0.07 L/min; The water spray area is the water spray of the water spray hole in the 90° arc on each side of the midpoint of the pendulum tube to the sample. The test sample is placed in the center of the pendulum tube semicircle. The pendulum pipe swings 180° on each side of the perpendicular line, for a total of about 360°. Each swing (2×360°) is about 12s.

Test time: 10 min.


Internal Dimensions (mm)900*900*9001400*1400*1400
Overall Dimensions (mm)1120*1460*16601600*1950*2100
Interior Volume (L)7202740
ParameterDrip tray size (mm)600*600900*900
Spraying Hole Diameterφ0.4mm
Hole Spacing50 mm
Swing Angle of Oscillating Tube0 ~ ±180°  (Adjustable)
Turntable Rotation Speed1r/min (Adjustable)
Oscillating Tube Radius400mm
Water Pressure ControlFlow meter600mm
StructureControllerProgrammable color LCD touch screen controller
Build-in Water Tank(mm)Ethernet connection, PC Link, USB
View Window Size(mm)475*475
Water supply systemWater tank, booster pump, Automatic water supply, Water purification system
Safety DeviceOver-temperature Protection; Over-current Protection; Water Shortage Protection; Earth leakage Protection; Phase Sequence Protection

b. Sprinkler type splash water test

Test equipment: handheld splash water test device.

Specimen placement:

The baffle with the balance weight installed on the equipment should be removed so that the parallel distance from the top of the test to the nozzle of the handheld nozzle is between 300mm and 500mm.

Test conditions:

The baffle with a balanced weight should be installed during the test, and the water flow rate is 10L/min.

Test time: that is, calculated according to the surface area of the sample shell to be tested, each square meter is 1min (excluding the installation area) at least 5min.



High pressure injection test

Internal Dimensions (mm)1000*1200*1000
Overall Dimensions (mm)1250*1700*2050
Interior Volume (L)1200
ParameterWater Spray Angle0°, 30°, 60°, 90°
Water Spray TemperatureAmbient ~ +88℃ (Adjustable)
Spray NozzleFour, 30 Seconds each position
Distance from Water Spraying to Specimens10~15cm
Water Pressure8000-10000 Kpa (Adjustable)
Water Flow Rate14L-16L/min
Testing Platform Speed5±1 r.p.m
Testing Platform Height200-400 nm (Adjustable)
Testing Platform Diameters600mm

Test equipment: the inner diameter of the nozzle is 12.5 mm;

Test conditions:

water spray angle: 0°, 30°, 60°, 90° (4 positions);

Number of water spray holes: 4;

Sample stage speed: 5 ±1 r.p.m, distance is 100 ~150mm, 30 seconds per position; The flow rate is 14~16 L/min, the water spray pressure is 8000~10000kPa, and the water temperature is required to be 80±5 °C.

Test time: 30 seconds per position×4 120 seconds in total.


JIS D 0203 Moisture, Rain and Spray Test

JIS-D-0203 testing is an ingress protect test standard published by the Japanese Standards Association.

This automotive ingress protection testing standard applies to a number of parts. The scope of this IP Code testing specifies the methods of moisture resistance and waterproofness for automotive parts.

JIS D 0203 testing labs must put auto parts through a rigorous test plan that includes a variety of ingress protection tests. This testing of the waterproofness of enclosures includes the following tests.


R1 – Rain Test

This test investigates the function of the parts subjected to droplets. The duration of this test is 10 minutes. The water temperature is to be 32 degrees Celsius.

R2 – Rain Test

This ingress protection testing determines the function of the parts subjected to indirect wind and rain or spray. The duration of this test is 10 minutes. The water temperature is to be 60 degrees Celsius.

Spray Testing

Spray testing is an ingress protection test using specific nozzles to spray water onto a unit from a certain distance and at a certain flow rate. JIS D 0203 testing labs must follow two testing protocols when completing spray testing.

S1 – Spray Test

The spray testing in this testing is to investigate the function of the parts subjected to direct wind and rain or spray. The duration of this test is 30 minutes. The flow of the water spray is 24.5 liters per minute minimum.

S2 – Spray Test

This spray testing is to investigate the function of the parts subjected to heavy water spray. The duration of this test is one hour. The flow of the water spray is 39.2 liters per minute minimum.

Internal Dimensions (mm)1000*1000*1000 D*W*H
Overall Dimensions (mm)1100*1460*1900 D*W*H
Interior Volume (L)1000
ParameterDistance from Specimen to NozzleApprox.400mm
Rain Nozzle2 holes
Rain Nozzle HoleΦ0.5mm
R1 Water Flow Rate1.9L/min.
R2 Water Flow Rate3.3L/min.
Spray Nozzle40 holes
Spray Nozzle HoleΦ1.2mm
S1 Water Flow Rate24.5L/min
S2 Water Flow Rate39.2L/min
Water Pressure at Nozzle0.03 ~ 0.30MPA
Turntable Rotation Speed17r/min


In summary, the test requirements of IPX0~IPX8 are basically equivalent to the IEC 60529 standard for household appliances. IPX4K, IPX6K and IPX9K are unique to the automotive industry.

LIB INDUSTRY can provide you with professional IP4K, IPX9K and other water resistance testing services according to IEC 60529,JIS D 0203, DIN40050-9, ISO20653, ISO16750 and other international standards.

Conduct us now about the testing chambers mentioned above.

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