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Environmental Test for LED lamps

April 17,2023

Learn Something About LED Lamps

LED lamps have the characteristics of high efficiency, environmentally friendly and long life. However, people who often use LED lamps will find that due to the high brightness of LEDs, it is easy to turn light energy into heat energy, thus making LED lights very hot. At this point, if the LED cannot dissipate heat as soon as possible, its life will be greatly reduced. 

Before leaving the factory, LED lamps need to undergo high and low temperature damp heat tests, mainly to test whether the performance of LED lamp is stable and can work normally in high temperature, low temperature, humid and other environments. By testing the heat resistance, cold resistance and humidity resistance of LED lamps, the manufacturers can Improve the process and material structure of LED lamps.


Why Environmental Test is Necessary for LED?

LED lights are a common item in our life. How can LED lights stand out from the crowds of manufacturers? That definitely requires excellent quality and longevity.

In LED lighting products, due to the heat generated by some high-current components, their own temperature often rises too high. Working in this state for a long time may reduce or destroy the characteristics of the insulating material in the product, resulting in electric shock or even fire. If the temperature of the product's shell, operation control parts and other accessible parts is too high, there will be a danger of scalding people. At the same time, LEDs are more sensitive to temperature, and too high a temperature will seriously affect the service life of the LED. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety performance of LED lamps, the temperature test is one of the important items in the safety test of LED lamps.

The purpose of the LED lamp environmental reliability test is to simulate the change of external ambient temperature through the hot and cold shock test chamber, test the adaptability of the product under extreme temperature conditions, determine the service life of the LED lamp through the test, and improve the product defects of the LED lamp. In order to prevent and control the quality problems of LEDs, 100% of the LED lamps need to undergo aging and weathering tests after they are produced into finished products. The main purpose is to test whether the LEDs are damaged during the assembly process, and to check whether the power supply is stable in high temperature environments. The aging test is flexible in actual operation, which can not only meet the requirements of relevant standards, but also improve production efficiency.


If there is no aging and weathering test, the product quality cannot be guaranteed, and uncertain factors will appear in the initial stage of work, which will greatly increase subsequent maintenance costs and safety accidents. In contrast, if the products have passed professional aging and weathering test before leaving the factory and have done a good job of testing and checking, the efficiency will be improved and the stability will be increased. All the tests can be done by LIB environmental test chambers.

Tests and Standards Needed for LED Lamps

According to the application, different lamps have different test requirements for different use environments.

Laboratory reliability testing equipment includes temperature and humidity test chamber, thermal shock test chamber, salt spray test chamber, UV weathering test chamber, IP rain and dust test chamber. LIB INDUSTRY can build a full range of reliability test platform.

1.Temperature and Humidity Test

● Several LED lights are placed in a constant temperature and humidity test chamber. 

● The relative humidity of the constant temperature and constant test box is set at 95%, and the temperature is generally 45°C. 

● Power on for testing, and the whole test lasts about 48 hours. 

● Then take out the LED lamp and dry the surface, place it under normal temperature and pressure to recover for 2 hours, check whether there is any obvious change caused by thermal expansion and contraction, and then power on to observe whether the LED can work normally.

During the temperature test the function of the lamp is checked against the required temperature. Typically, temperature and humidity testing is governed by the IEC 60068 series of standards.

In this test, we use a temperature and humidity chamber. Our chambers are the most suitable to do this for you.


Internal Dimension (mm)400*500*500500*600*750700*800*900800*1000*10001000*1000*1000
Overall Dimension (mm)860*1050*1620960*1150*18601180*1350*20101280*1550*21101500*1550*2110
Interior Volume100L225L500L800L1000L
Heat load1000W
Temperature RangeA : -20°C  +150°C
B : -40°C  +150 °C
C: -70°C  +150 °C
Temperature Fluctuation± 0.5 °C
Temperature Deviation± 2.0 °C
 Humidity Range20% ~ 98% RH
 Humidity Deviation± 2.5% RH
Cooling Rate1 °C / min
Heating Rate3 °C / min

2.Thermal Shock Test

Hot and cold shock can detect the physical damage or chemical changes caused by the high temperature and very low temperature shock of the test sample in the shortest time, so as to judge its life and performance changes. Our 2TS test chamber can do this test for you.


3.IP Dust & Rain Ingress Test

The IP protection level test is mainly based on the test standards of IEC60529: 2001. Issue the test report in English.


At this point, two types of chambers are mainly needed

① IP5X&IP6X dust chamber

LIB dust chamber DI-1000 is good for dust ingress test.


Internal Dimension (mm)800*1000*10001000*1000*1000
Overall Dimension (mm)1040*1450*19601200*1450*1960
Interior Volume (L)8001000
Temperature RangeAmbient ~ +50℃
 Humidity Range
Normal Wire Diameter50um
Nominal Width of a Gap Between wires75um
Fight Time0 ~ 99H59M
Blowing Time0 ~ 99H59M

② IPX1,X2,X3,X4,X5,X6


Workroom dimension (mm)800*800*800   D*W*H
External dimension (mm)950*3150*1800  D*W*H
Interior Volume (L)510
Diameter of Turntable (mm)600
Turntable loads20kgs Max
Turntable Rotation Speed0~7r/min (Adjustable)
Internal Diameter of IPX5 Nozzle6.3mm
Internal Diameter of IPX6 Nozzle12.5mm
Water Flow Rate IPX5/ IPX612.5L/min ±5% / 100L/min ±5%

4.Accelerated Weathering Test

In order to prevent the quality problems of LEDs, it is necessary to do a good job in the quality control of the failure of the original welding package, and to carry out aging tests on LED products to ensure the reliability of electronic products. This is the most essential step in the production process. Get more information about our accelerated weathering test chamber below.


Irradiance Range35~150 W/
Bandwidth Measurement300nm~400nm (340nm or 420nm)
Chamber Temperature RangeAmbient  100  ±2℃
Black Panel TemperatureBPT 35  85  ±2℃
 Humidity Range50% ~ 98% RH
 Humidity Deviation± 5% RH
Water Spray Cycle1~9999H59M  (Adjustable)

5.Corrosion Test

The salt spray test chamber is suitable for corrosion tests of LED lamps.


Internal dimensions (mm)470*590*400640*1000*500750*1100*500
Overall dimensions (mm)620*1400*1050810*1800*1180920*1900*1200
Interior Volume (L)110320410
Temperature RangeAmbient  +60 ℃
Temperature Fluctuation± 0.5 ℃
Temperature Deviation± 2.0 ℃
 Humidity Range95% ~ 98% RH
Salt Fog Deposition12ml / 80cm2 · h
Spray TypeContinuous / Periodic


LIB Industry provides reliable testing equipment and solutions to help customers improve product performance. What kind of test chambers and solutions do you need for your LED lamps? Please contact us now.

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