Xi'an LIB Environmental Simulation Industry is a manufacturer and exporter of climatic test chambers in China. We exported the first one test chamber since 2009, it is more than 10 years we work in environmental test chambers field.

Our main products included temperature and climate test chambers, corrosion chambers, weathering testers, IP dust and rain chambers, ozone test chamber, noxious gas SO2 H2S chamber, walk-in chambers.We provide test chamber, we provide test solution. We manufacture standard and custom climatic chambers,provide effective solutions according to different requests.

More than 10 years overseas market to USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, German, UK, France, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore,  Malaysia, Australian, Brazil, South Africa...  Our customers have Intel, IBM, Intertek, stanley black and decker, university and research center. They purchase our test chambers for research, testing, calibration and storage. 

At this time we have several foreign local service center to supply service and products to our overseas customers. Contact LIB team now!

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