What is Accelerated Weathering Test?

2018-10-29 LIB 0

What is accelerated weathering testing?

Accelerated weathering testing is able to reproduce the effects that sunlight moisture and extreme temperatures will have on textiles, dyes, leather, plastics, paints, coatings, automotive interior parts, electrotechnical products, color building materials.

LIB weathering testers.

LIB accelerated weathering testerscan reproduce the effects of years of outdoor exposure in a matter of weeks. In addition, we perform xenon arc and UV weathering test. You can find weatherometer XL-S-750 series to perform xenon arc weathering test.UV test chamber UV-SI-260 to perform UV weathering test.


ISO 105-B02/B04/B06, ISO4892-2, ISO11341. AATCC TM16, TM169, ASTM G155-1/155-4, JIS L0843, SAEJ1960/1885, JASOM346,  PV1303, IEC61215, IEC62688 En 50483-6

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