What is Thermal Shock Test?

2018-10-29 LIB 0

What is thermal shock test?

Thermal shock testing also called temperature shock testing exposes products to harsh environmental conditions,which is temperature change in a short period of time, such as a transition from a warm temperature to a freezing temeprature.Thermal shock refers to a very high rate of temperature change, greater than 15 °C per minute for testing aero-parts,military components and  electronics.

Thermal Shock Testing Chambers in LIB

test chamber| climatic test chamber|environmental test chamber|climatic chamber| environmental chamber2 types of thermal shock test chambers manufacturered by LIB,one is 2-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chambers (Elevator Type), another is 3-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chambers (Pneumatic Damper Type).Various sizes for option.

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