How can produce ozone in ozone test chamber?

2018-10-16 LIB 0

Ozone aging test chamber simulates and strengthens the ozone condition in the atmosphere, studies the action law of ozone on the rubber, rapidly identifies and evaluates the anti-ozone aging performance of the rubber and the anti-ozonant protection effect, and then adopts effective anti-aging measures to improve the rubber. The service life of the product, the ozone aging test chamber generates ozone through the ozone generator, and then tests the test sample. So whether the ozone aging test chamber is suitable is whether the ozone environment generated by the ozone generator can meet the experimental requirements, so the selection of the ozone generator is very important in the equipment. 2 ways to generate ozone:

1. The high-pressure discharge generator is a high-voltage corona electric field that uses a high-frequency current of a certain frequency to electrochemically react oxygen molecules in an electric field or around an electric field to thereby produce ozone. The ozone generator has the advantages of mature technology, stable operation, long service life and large ozone output (up to 1Kg/h in a single machine), so it is the most widely used.

2. The ultraviolet type ozone generator irradiates oxygen molecules with ultraviolet rays of a specific wavelength (185 mm) to decompose oxygen molecules to generate ozone. 

Most of our LIB ozone resistance test chamber uses high-pressure discharge generator to generate ozone.

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