UV Weathering Test Chamber UV-260

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UV Accelerated Weathering Test Chamber UV-260

UV Accelerated Weathering Test Chamber UV-260

product of UV Accelerated Weathering Test Chamber UV-260

UV test chamber is the world’s most widely used weathering tester to test types of damages include colour change, gloss loss, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, strength loss and oxidation. LIB UV weathering tester is applicable for the sunlight resistant test of nonmetallic materials and aging test of artificial light sources.

UV test chamber is equipped with 8 fluorescent UV lamps which can simulate the UV spectra of sunlight, exposes materials to UV light, rain, condensing and temperature at controlled. Model UV-260 is hot sale in different countries.


Fluorescent UV lamps (8) - 40 W 

Black Panel Temperature (BPT) at controlled, BPT 30~70℃
Temperature from Ambient to 90℃
Spraying water, automatic water supply
Water reservoir 50 Liter
Can hold 48 pieces of specimens
Programmable color display touch screen controller
Safety protection system
Easy to mount samples on the holders
CE and RoHS compliance

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